Birthday Treat

So it was my birthday last month and my bezzie decided I needed a treat. She organised a G&T afternoon tea in York for us both so I duly booked a day off work and organised childcare (told the husband he was WFH whether he liked it or not) and thought gleefully about cake. Then the caveat that we had to cycle there to get it. Cycle. To York. For a bun. But it’s ok, we could get the train home afterwards. Gee thanks.

So my day off came, I set the alarm an hour earlier than usual and then cycled the 6 miles to her house to start the journey. So I’m thinking I’ve already got an extra 12 Miles in the bag here by the time I get home again, but I don’t say that out loud obvs. So we duly set off 45 minutes earlier than my usual start to the day and wind our merry way along the A170 waving cheerily at motorists who appear to be waving at us with two fingers…We stop for an early morning brew at Low Marishes and a mid-morning brew at Terrington and fuel up with a protein bar and NOT a pie freshly baked out of the oven at an artisan bakery. Who even wants that?

The spin classes at Barons I’ve been going to and in my head, smashing it.. are put to the ultimate test as we finally approach York a little tetchy and a little sore but all the better for seeing the Minster coming into view.

An afternoon tea that didn’t really touch the sides followed with an immense feeling of well being and achievement. But also the quick check of a class list to check how many spinning classes there actually are in a week that I can make it too because as good as Dave is, rocking out on a Monday night isn’t going to be enough to get me to Brussels which is my next long ride. Did I mention that before? Yes, next month I set sail (well, pedals) with 2 friends to ride to Brussels. I’ll keep you posted but Dave, you’ve got your work cut out mate. Next time I get a day off I don’t think I’ll tell anyone.

Busy Mum