Consistency Trumps Intensity

Hey people of Scarborough. I have a question for you?

What’s the most important thing when it comes to keeping fit and healthy? Not an easy question to answer I hear you shout. Well in my mind, the answer could be a simple one. It’s not what kind of exercise you’re doing in the gym, it’s not the equipment you’re using in the gym, it’s not even if you’re on a paleo or low carb diet or the one where you live off cabbage soup. But what is it I hear you cry?!?! Well, it’s just turning up.

Consistency trumps intensity
Consistency trumps intensity

Being consistent is the most important thing in health and fitness. We think we need to go hell for leather in the gym. At the same time we start to abstain from everything from carbs, alcohol, chocolate, anything that might not be great for us. This level of intensity just isn’t sustainable for the majority of people. It all starts to get too hard physically and mentally. We start to miss gym sessions, you have a day off your food, then another and another! Soon there doesn’t seem to be any point carrying on and bam! You are back to where you were last year.

Too much intensity, not enough consistency. 

Play the long game and finding things you can do for life. Scarborough is a great place to be active. We have the sea and the countryside on our doorsteps with loads of opportunities to be active. If that’s not your things, here at Barons we have a fantastic gym with all the equipment you’ll ever need. There is a myriad of classes to suit all tastes.

Be realistic about what you can achieve. If you currently do nothing, then aim for one gym session a week. If your diet is shocking, try simple changes like adding in extra veg to every meal or a large glass of water every morning. Adding in healthy habits is always easier than taking things away. Start to create a solid foundation and build from there. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not doing as much as someone else or don’t look like some Instagram guy or gal. Everyone’s starting point and journey is different.

The little things we do all the time are things that’ll leads to big improvements in our lives. Be consistent. Don’t give up.

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