Fighting off the Dad Bod

So I recently became a proud father πŸ˜€ With all the perks of no sleep and less free time.

With less free time and a job that requires split shifts and weekend work, how could I ever fit in going to the gym and having a life?! Even though I work at the gym, after a 9 hour shift, or a 14 hour split shift day… it’s time to get home and
spend time with the wife, child & dog πŸ˜€
So there are all my excuses, but what’s the plan?
Time Management + Consistency
Time Management: Taking time to plan when you are available to do exercise through the week, will give you a great idea of how much you can fit in and when. This could be before work, after work or on the weekend. I tend to do it before I start work on an evening shift, as after a long shift at work, the last thing I want to do is stay even longer, I tend to want to get home and chill with the family… Yes, personal trainers have lives outside the gym.
Consistency: Training consistency is the most important aspect to staying healthy or improving your fitness, once you have made a plan, you need to stick to it, or that Dad Bod is going to get you! There are no two ways about this, if you aren’t consistent with your training, you really aren’t going to get very far.
It’s hard, but lads… you can do it! just leave the baby with the mummy and get to the gym. She won’t mind as you are staying in shape for her… how could she refuse?