The Secret of How to Lose Weight

Without fail the thing I get asked the most is how do I lose weight?
The reality is that there are no simple or quick fix answer people. I’d say 99% of people just wanna feel sexy when putting on a dress or putting a shirt on before a night out.

Here’s how to do it:

To achieve most goals for weight loss you’re gonna need to be patient, as the reality is that you will need to make numerous lifestyle changes and this process is simple but takes time and energy. The overall goal is basically to reduce calories by making simple changes to your day to day routine and to move more each day.

Eat less

Firstly are you eating or drinking any of the following?

Fizzy pop

STOP IT…. you know they’re bad for you!

Then monitor how many calories you are consuming each day. I’d recommend an app called my fitness pal (its FREE). Then our goal is to look at how to reduce your daily intake. Just by cutting out the shit above you could automatically hit that magic calorie deficit we need. If not, look at how much food your banging on your plate – you may need to reduce that. Look at how much fat is in your diet, most meat products contain a lot of fat and by just reducing your consumption of meat you could drastically reduce your fat intake and who doesn’t want less fat? There are millions of ways to reduce calories but basically, you need to eat less.

Move more

The human body is simple, it needs energy from food. Sooooo if you move more your body will use more energy aka burn more calories.

For example, bike to work instead of driving. When you go to the toilet at work walk to the one furthest away. When you get a cup of tea at work, again move the kettle as far away as possible. Always take the stairs, thus moving more throughout the day.

Try to find an exercise you enjoy doing so that you don’t wanna kill yourself every time you do it! If you like the gym, great, get to the gym. If you like going out on your bike, get out on your bike. If you enjoy playing squash, get on the courts!

Finally….. don’t beat yourself up too much, do what makes you happy.